DHA Cinema Lahore

DHA Cinema Lahore has become one of the main attractions for entertainment within DHA community which has about 13000 homes and around 200000 people residing in it. Currently there is only one cinema screen having a capacity of around 400 seats.

The other good part is that any cinema business depends upon the good content and movies. Since Pakistan is now showing Bollywood movies in addition to Hollywood movies, so the cinema business is on the boom these days, because there is a lot of receptive audience for it.

In comparison, there is very less Pakistani movie content these days. Though, we are expecting to get in next few years.

DHA cinema Lahore runs about three shows a day. All latest big banner Bollywood & Hollywood movies are shown. James Bond Skyfall, Coktail, Jab Taka Hai Jaan are few of these….

There is a good café inside with good variety of eatables including pop corn, nachos, Lays, burgers, cold & hot drinks.

DHA cinema is fully equipped with the latest technology in film projection including the capability for 3D films as well. The resolution is very sharp and clear as well as enjoyable. In addition a very robust sound system to accompany with makes the movie watching experience very good & unique.

DHA cinema is currently under DHA Lahore management which is mostly army organized management. They also take good care to provide adequate security for the cinema inside & outside.

Lots of families are seen to come and enjoy the movies in DHA cinema. Mostly for good blockbuster movies the house is usually full for the first week. And sometimes there are special premiere shows as well with celebrities watching the same movies.

By observing the people gatherings waiting to watch the movies, you find complete families as well as friends get together. It shows the healthy sign that once again the cinema lovers have come out and again it is becoming a family entertainment activity.

But the other side of the story is that although good environment does attract family to come out but most of the Bollywood & Hollywood movies restrict families to watch together due to its bold content, stories and scenes. Therefore, I guess comparatively we see younger lots of friends together or couples as well as ladies together in DHA cinema.

Parking is just around the cinema, although it is not dedicated, but somehow it gets managed and you can find a good place to park within close proximity within 5 minutes.

To see the movies timings please visit the DHA Cinema Lahore website.

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