Dabangg2 Review

According to movie Dabangg2 review, it was in all respects was a forced attempt just to make some more money from the previous success. It was more of Salman Khan Show than a good movie. The extended script has no steam and weight in it. There are no twists & turns. No conflict deepening, no new love angel or problems. Everything was mostly rosy-rosy having already resolved most of the problems in the original Dabangg.

The original Dabangg did extremely well. It was the original script and completely written as a single script without leaving any hook in the end for any kind of sequel.

The villain got defeated. The love story got completed ending the movie logically with a happy ending.

Commercially, movie has done well, since everybody was interested to see the next Dabangg 2 based on the last success, secondly there is huge Salman Khan fan following.

Otherwise, in my opinion, as per the Dabangg2 review, it was not upto the mark if we want to consider a good plot or story line. No much of good dialogues. The movie was also bit slow moving and felt like a drag at times - when it will come to an end. It was not at all as gripping as the previous one and it was very predictable.

Sonakshi has also nothing new to show much – no much new dialogues, no new love scenes.  The new item song by Kareena Kapoor also seems forced. And Kareena is not at her best in this song. The oufit & costumes are not upto the mark as well.

Some special effects in the fights scenes were good to watch – which gels well with the Salman Khan image with the audience.

As per the story, the hero police man – Salman Khan is now happily married and living with his wife, brother & father peacefully. The hero police man (Salman Khan) only changes the city and in the new city there is a new villain to confront with.

The villain himself doesn’t turn out to give any tough time to the hero. And eventually is subdued and defeated quite fast and easily without much damage to the hero or his family. A very goody-goody story – even not worth making a story out of it.

Artistically, the film seems weak, but as we know, it is a commercial success because of the reasons mentioned above – The Sal Man Show.


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