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Coffee & Tea Company – known as CTC Lahore really made a big success story when it was opened in Gulberg, off MM Alam Raod near Husain chowk opposite Xinhua Mall.

It created the right atmosphere & ambiance which could suit to the high end elite of Lahore. The good music, décor, and various varieties of continental dishes like pastas, sandwiches, drinks etc. The taste is always good. CTC. It can always be well compared with the international brands like TGI Friday, Fuddruckers, & Chillies.

But this review is about the CTC which recently opened in Defence Lahore, Phase III, in Sept, 2012. The CTC bakery is on the ground floor and the actual restaurant is in the basement.

Well, having become a great fan of CTC Gulberg Lahore and expecting at least the same kind of ambiance , food menu as well as quality, somehow, it didn’t turn out to be exactly the same not to speak of any further improvement.

I went with my wife and ordered Club sandwich and Pasta. The first surprise was that they don’t have pasta menu in CTC Defence branch. So we ordered Fish & Chips and club Sandwich.

While feeling hungry, we started to devour our food, although I was fighting the feeling that ‘its not bad and as good as it always have been’, but I could not become successful in eliminating that feeling. My speed to eat became little slow. At the same time, I felt something unusual, my wife stopped for a moment to show something in her sandwich. One transparent plastic wrapper piece was oozing out of the club sandwich. We pulled it out and saw it in bewilderment. My wife stopped eating it. And called the waiter. He just nicely explained that it was a wrapper from the cheese and perhaps the chef forgot to put it aside and got included in the sandwich and then the waiter reluctantly offered to change it.

The fish & chips dish was also just an average a bland taste with too much oil dipped.

The club sandwich was replaced. Later, however the manager did apologize and in the end he provided us with free dessert which was good.

Well, to share the truth, I still am a fan of CTC Gulberg, but unfortunately my experience of CTC, Lahore Defence branch did not turn out to be very great. I don’t want to sound too negative about them, I still feel that they may have been undergoing some teething problems in the new set up. Secondly, our experience was only limited to two dishes. Probably, the other menu items hopefully should be great.

For those who are fans of CTC Lahore and living in Defence, I do recommend that it is worth trying and experiencing it yourself. I do hope CTC Lahore Defence branch turns out to as great as its other main CTC Lahore is and even should surpass it soon. And I do hope that all other menu items are great and it only was a one-off experience.

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