Country Comfort Motel Lahore

Country Comfort Motel Lahore offers 3 star hotel cum motel facility in the heart of Lahore. It is conveniently located on the Mall Road near Zaman Park Lahore. There are 37 centrally air conditioned rooms fully equipped with all latest amenities.


Single Standard Room: Rs: 6500/-

Single Deluxe Room: Rs: 7500/-

Double Standard Room: Rs: 7000/-

Double Deluxe Room: Rs: 9000/-

(Please check for the latest rate updates directly from the motel)

Conference & Events facilities

Motel also offers facilities for events, Meetings, Conferences Marriage parties or any other functions.

More details of the Country Comfort Motel are provided by the hotel.

Nearest Attractions:

Country Comfort Motel Lahore is almost the centre of Lahore. Half of Lahore is on one side and other half is on the other side. You can easily approach the down town Lahore in 30 minutes. Similarly you can easily approach the uptown Lahore in 30 minutes.

On one side you can go to Anarkali, The Mall Road, the famous food street, Lahore Museum, Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque and Minar-e-Pakist

On the other side, in the uptown Lahore, you can visit Fortress stadium, Gulberg, MM ALam Road, Liberty Market, Defence commercial areas. One can find all kinds of high end brands local & international which offer variety of merchandize for everyone’s taste.

All new eateries like MacDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Dominos are easily found in all parts of Lahore now. Food and shopping are the some of the best strengths of Lahore.

If you are coming from any other city of Pakistan and wants to commute on both sides of Lahore, Country Comfort Motel location is quite suitable. But in case you want to stay more relaxed within the motel or hotel surroundings then there are many more choices for stay which are located in uptown Lahore.

Contact Info:

105 - A, Mall Road, Lahore.

(Near  Zaman Park, Lahore)

 (92 42) 36360346, 36303589


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