Clifton Hotel Lahore

Clifton Hotel Lahore is located near Lahore Railway Station on Nicholson Road. It has modestly furnished rooms with basic facilities in it.

If you absolutely have to stay near the train station, this hotel may suit for short time travellers coming from other cities of Pakistan.

The hotel has inside restaurant or dining hall which offers all kinds of Lahori/ Desi food.

Some of the basic facilities include air conditioned rooms, attached bathrooms. In some rooms there is TV. Intercom facility is available. Room service is also available.

Rates (Approximately)

Rs: 3000/- to Rs: 4000/-

(Please check the latest rates updates directly from the hotel)

Nearby Attractions:

The Clifton  Hotel Lahore is located in the Lahore central district. It is near to many down town places of Lahore. The famous Lahore Food Street is 15 minutes drive. The Mall Road, Hall Road, Anarkali Bazaar – all are very easily accessible. Public and private transport is easily available. It may cost around Rs: 50 to Rs: 300/- to reach any of these places.

From Nicholson Road, the uptown Lahore is little farther. But it will take about 25-45 minutes drives to reach any of the famous uptown places like Liberty Market in Gulberg, Fortress Stadium in Lahore Cantt, Garden Town, and Defence Lahore.

The famous MM Alam Road in Gulberg provides a haven for those who are interested in shopping spree.

All famous local & international brands are found mostly in the uptown Lahore. The international food outlets like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and now many more are scattered all over Lahore.

The Lahore Railway station is quite nearby – 5-10 drive.

Lahore Airport is about 40-50 minutes drive away.

The hotel is also near to the Brandreth Road which is one of the main markets where the traditional big time importers and wholesaler of machinery items, industrial items are doing their business.

Contact Info:

Nicholson Rd, Gawal Mandi, Lahore, Punjab

Near Railway Station, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Phone: 9242-6366741 / 6366740 / 6366742 / 6366743
Fax: 9242-6366282

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