Cinestar Lahore

Cinestar Lahore is in Township which is near the Johar Town Lahore. The cinema has one screen and is equipped with the latest cinema projection system.

The cinema has around 400 seats. It has a good café inside with variety of eatables. The décor inside is nice. You can see very good display of framed film posters for showing movies and for upcoming movies which is good treat for the eyes.

There is also very good security arrangements with thorough checking before you enter the cinema. It may seem little bit cumbersome but generally it is good for the safety of everyone.

There is huge open plot land near the cinema which offers good parking facility. But it is not concrete so there is a problem in the rainy season.

The location of cinema mostly attracts crowds from around residential places like Township, Johar Town, Model Town, Garden Town, Canal View and some other adjoining areas. Cinestar Lahore is the only cinema screen in that side of Lahore. So it is doing well in terms of business and response from the people.

It also attracts shows all big banner Bollywood and Hollywood movies including many 3D movies.

There was no cinema ever in that part of Lahore for several hundred years. The culture of Lahore was mostly rested on food and dining out for entertainment. The movies & music have been given a subdued significance. And even the Government Authorities have been under the state of confusion what to allow & what not to especially the critical aspect of allowing the Indian content in Pakistan.

Anyhow it seems that Pakistan Govt. has overcome that confusion and Bollywood movies are freely available, since there is no much good Pakistani content around.

Cinestar is a good addition to the cinema screens in Lahore and a good treat for the cinema lovers and family entertainment.

To know more about the movie timings, please visit Cinestar Lahore website.

Contact Details:

Plot # 13, 2 Civic Center Township
CineStar Cinema Lahore.
+ 92-42-351 574 60-2

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