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Update Sept,13 - Chocolate Bar Lahore sadly has been closed in Defence Lahore. It was opened in last year Dec 2012. The complete list of reasons are unknown. But apparently it may be due to lack of business potential especially the unique niche which Chocolate Bar was trying to position for. 

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Chocolate Bar Lahore just recently opened in Defence Lahore on Saturday 9th Feb 2013. It is located in Z Block, Phase III near Body Shop. The launch was an impressive function with city high profile gentry as well as celebrities.

Chocolate Bar is an international American Chain. The local business group HFK has brought this franchise to Lahore.

The chain is already in 10 countries. And they also have very ambitious plans for Pakistan too. They intend to open 22 branches in Pakistan in the future.

Hasan Farid the chairman of the HFK had his press conference one day earlier and showed his confidence and hope on this ambitious opening.

The Chocolate Bar claims to offer some innovation & new tastes to local Lahoris. Of course the final test of the success is going to be the people of Lahore and how they will respond to it and if they do like the taste, then it will lead to success and if they don’t, it gets it murky future.

Retail food business all over the world is really trick & risky in many aspects. However experienced companies normally do a lot of consumer research before experimenting with anything new.

DHA Lahore has fast become a hub of several high end local & international brands. It is also because of the reasons, that people residing in DHA Lahore mostly have good affordability. They are well educated and mostly have international travel exposure. For anything new, DHA Lahore is good launching ground to see the response.

Earlier some other international brands also opened in DHA like Nandos and in reent past the Tutti Frutti – yogurt shop. Well both have their specific menu and tastes and so is their specific clients 7 customers who like that taste.

Chocolate Bar seems to be well positioned to attract its own set of target audience. So let’s hope and wish that the brand flourishes well.

Address: 49-Z, Commercial Area, DHA, Lahore Cantt, Pakistan

Phone:+92 42 35690377


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