Chashme Buddoor Movie Review

The movie Chashme Buddoor is watchable but not brilliant – script Is neither appealing, nor the acting and nor the music.

However, there are some funny scenes which have good entertainment value in laughing it out, but hardly more than that…

It is a story of three friends who live the life on the naughty side. Ali Zafar is one of the three friends, but little bit sober and mature. They find a girl nearby and all try their luck. But Ali Zafar succeeds and both fall in love. The friends try to first sabotage their relationship and then later realize that they should try to mend it now. The whole story revolves around this plot. On the parallel, there is one more side angle of Rishi Kapoor as Joseph and falling in love with the Josephine the land lady of the friends.

The heroine is new, who was given a vibrant bubbly and bold character. She has given a good performance somehow. She was good in dance steps too. But since it was her debut she showed lots of weak sequences in acting skills.

The direction of the movie was average (not bad) considering the plot of the movie. The movie setting picturised in Goa gave good feel somehow.

The music score was weak. Although Ali Zafar himself being a singer & musician could not sell himself well to give very  catchy tunes or heartwarming numbers.

The movie basically attempted to make it a light hearted comedy mixed love story. The original objective seemed good but somehow the movie didn’t pull very well in theaters as well.

We watched the movie Chashme Buddoor in DHA cinema Lahore after few days of its first screening. The timing had already moved back from prime to late night. And at that time, it certainly was not the house full, not even the half.

Although Ali Zafar is trying his level best to make it big in Bollywood, but it seems battling against  time which is hard to win. Ali Zafar may become little successful in making his place in Bollywood, but the big dream of making it big may seem to have many more stages & tests to pass through.

I wish Ali Zafar all the best.

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