Changair Restaurant in Falettis Hotel Lahore

Good bad and ugly about Changair Restaurant!

I don’t know about the experiences of others with Changair restaurant in Falettis hotel, Lahore, but my experience with them was not a very positive one.

For quite some times, I have been hearing about the renovations and revamping of the British times Falettis hotel into a vibrant and aesthetics decorated piece of art. I was quite curious to visit it and see it with my own eyes. Well, days passed by and eventually the Ramadan 2014 commenced. So I with my family thought to have ifftar at one of the restaurants in Falettis. I checked on their website, I found Changair as one the of the leading restaurants with attractive mouth watering cuisine.

I booked the table in advance which they politely confirmed to me.

On the day, when we arrived we reached at the restaurant's entrance, the Manager diplomatically told us to go to another opposite building and told it was an extension of Changair. Without much doubt, we reached there, and found out that it was a banquet hall /marriage hall which was converted to adjust the overflow of the guests from Changair. The first customer service shock was in place. I called the Manager and almost lost my temper when I asked that why they did not inform me at the time of booking that they had no place in the main changair restaurant. He was trying to appease me with his tactics and tantrums, but I was firm and demanded that either they make a place in the main restaurant or we would like to leave. Another surprise landed when they easily arranged a place without any trouble as if the place was already there.

Then came the iftar part, which was quite ordinary like pakoras, chicken wings and chicken rolls,  dahi bara with normal Rooh Afza and Squash drinks.

After the iftar, the dinner was laid down which was buffet arrangement. It had chicken biryani, chicken jalfarazi, minced chicken with qeema, some mixed vegetable gravy, and barbecue items like kebabs and botis as well as Chinese egg fried rice along with  chicken in oyster sauce.

I tried minced chicken qeema, since I only found this dish standing out from the rest which was different and unique. The taste was just ok, certainly not out of this world. I also tried some barbecue; chicken boti was quite hard to digest, Kebabs were not delicious. In the end, I tried some egg fried rice and chicken in oyster. With just two bites I had to leave it since it could not suit to my taste buds at all. (Though I am a great fan of Yum).

We ordered drinks which the waiter responded after about half an hour. We ordered some tissues, which were also delayed. Later we ordered tea which was also delayed beyond the normal patience limit.

The décor and ambiance of restaurant despite having renovated still lacked few things. The wooden walls were on all four sides and gave the Victorian look. High ceiling and arches gave the olden times feel. But on the other hand, the art and sense of good restaurant décor lacked. The lighting was very poor. There was only ceiling lights. No spot lights, no wall hangings. The furniture tapestry with blue shades was totally out of place and did not go well with the wooden ambiance.

There were no attention to detail, the staff was not meticulously trained, and they really needed the services of the interior decorator.

In totality the experience was not very positive as far as Changair in Falettis was concerned. However, we afterwards had a round of the main lobby of the Falettis hotel, which was really done with good aesthetic taste, and I guess the rooms have also been renovated with much enhanced comfort and amenities.

Everyone has the right to have their own experiences of the places or restaurants. Take it from me with pinch of salt when it is about the restaurant Changair. As it says, ‘Experiences are always personal’.

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