BYOB Lahore

New Concept with BYOB Lahore!

I came to know about BYOB Lahore through one of my office colleagues with high recommendation. I wondered what that is! BYOB is simply ‘Build Your Own Burger’, a fast food joint (eatery) with some personal special touch and with little difference.  The name of the restaurant is in fact ‘Outpost’. However, the concept of Build Your Own Burger has dominated more.

On one holiday Well, I along with my family embarked upon this little mission of finding, exploring, testing and of course tasting what BYOB is.

We reached DHA Phase VIII which is ex Park View just in front of the Lahore International Airport across the Ring Road.  Once you take the main boulevard of the ex Park View (DHA Phase VIII) you will have to follow the straight road till its end which probably is about 2 kilometers long.

Just near the end, you will see one rough, narrow track going to your left. The sign of OUTPOST will be visible from the main road.

The place is spacious. More of the place is open outdoors with adequate seating capacity. There is limited indoor facility as well which is done well with good taste with minimalist décor suiting well to the fast food American theme culture.  The décor comprises wooden bench type chairs and tables, very neat and cleanly done.

The food ordering style is different for BYOB Lahore. There are small forms which are provided by the waiters. These show the steps how to make your own burger starting from choosing the bread - plain or seeded, then choosing the patty -  beef, chicken, grilled or fried etc, then choosing the fillings, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms etc. then choosing the sauces, barbecue, mustard, garlic etc. and choosing the extras like , French fries,  wedges etc.

Once you are done, you hand over the order form to the waiter with your name.  It will take 20 minutes to prepare your customized burgers and bring it to you.

We got our serving well within 20 minutes. The presentation was neat. We could not wait much to discuss, we went for our immediate bites.

Well, it was certainly a taste apart. Not like other burger s which I have tried at all place, local and foreign chains. It was fresh, juicy and tastier. I loved it and all my family. I also had pina colada with it which I also enjoyed very much.  I had to go to the wash room afterwards, which was detached area from the main restaurant at the back street. Very small but very neatly & hygienically kept.

I could clearly see the passion and love of the owners behind the BYOB theme restaurant. It was not just another kid on the block but it was creating a good value and different experience altogether.

I could see people with families which had started pouring in. This new joint is largely growing with the word of mouth. I have not yet seen any big bang advertising effort for this new venture, but still somehow it has started growing with very positive feedback and reviews who ever has happened to experience it.

The outdoors at BYOB Lahore will certainly suit well in the winters too. They also cater to take away.

The final verdict is certainly: Excellent - A fresh addition to the stereotypes, worth trying and experiencing.

Note: The reviews most of the times are based on personal experiences and taste. It is of course a probability that other people experiencing the same place may have difference of opinions.. As we are all humans with differing taste buds, so I respect everyone’s judgment and experience and similarly expect other s to respect other opinions as well. Thanks for your understanding.

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