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Business in Lahore is Picking Up!

Business in Lahore section, will be bringing various stories about those businesses which are largely based in Lahore as well as the budding Lahore entrepreneurs and their business ventures.

Lahore is a second largest city in Pakistan and also holds s the major significance for its commercial value. Many large companies and multinational companies are based in Lahore like Nestle, Coke, Pepsi, MCB, BOP, Total, and several other big, medium and small companies.

Lahore has made lots of improvements from where it was  50 years ago. New Roads, new schools, new colleges, new businesses, factories have been built. The population also has almost doubled. Many people from small villages have moved to Lahore in search of jobs and livelihood.

Business is flourishing in Lahore, every time you see new restaurant in the town, you see long queues for people waiting to get their turns. That is what Lahoris are likeā€¦Fun loving and food loving.

As we all know the jobs will also remain scare as we  get more educated people out of colleges & universities. Recently there has been lot of encouragement to budding entrepreneurs to set up their own ventures by Government Organization SMEDA as well many other private level NGOs

I believe it is really great to know that many talented people with formal education or without formal education have started entering into their own business ventures.

Many women entrepreneurs have also made it very successful by pursuing their own passions & talents.

Business is very diverse in Lahore. Broadly & easily I can categorize into manufacturing, trading, retail and services. As per the some recent studies, manufacturing is on the decline, since China has almost taken over. Trading & retail are doing OK. And services sector is on the rising trend.

In terms of business sizes, we usually talk about three levels: large, medium and small.

Lahore has thousands of companies registered. There are many family owned business also like HKB, Pot Puri, EnEm, Al Fatah department store, Nirala, Shezan, Ferozesons Jalalsons and many more. They have been around from old times after the partition of Pakistan.

Besides, now you can also see even bigger international chains like Hyperstar, Metro, and lots of international food business as well including Mcdonalds , KFC, Pizza Hut and several more. All are doing great job and are catering to their own customers very well.

We will keep on brining some informative & interesting business related stories here from time to time and you will also find resources for setting up your own business.


Small Business in Lahore

Starting small business in Lahore is not that difficult but not that easy as well. It has both advantages and challenges.

If everyone in the country starts to hunt for a job, where will they find the companies which will hire all of them? There has to be the right balance in every economy. Without enough entrepreneurs or business people, the economy cannot function properly.

Entrepreneurs are those who have passion to start their own business and gradually grow it to great heights.

SMEDA has done a wonderful job for small businesses.

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