Business in ELECTRONICS Sector

Small or medium sized business in Electronics sector offers many opportunities in Pakistan. But it is important that those who want to select & pursue such business should have some knowledge, experience and most importantly passion for the Electronics sector. Otherwise, the probability for failure may be high.

Below are some of the selected businesses in electronics sector.  SMEDA has also made very good pre-feasibility studies on this sector.

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Below are the summarized versions of the pre-feasibility reports by SMEDA on Business in Electronics sector for you to get an idea before you download the full version.

1 - Electrical Fittings Manufacturing Unit 

Region: Punjab
Investment Size: PKR Between 2-5 Million

Electrical fittings industry consists of the units manufacturing all kinds of electrical accessories such as Switch, Socket, Power plug, Bell push, Holders, Fan Dimmers etc. The objective of this pre-feasibility study is to provide information for setting up an electric fittings manufacturing unit. The market for electric fittings and accessories primarily consists of households, offices and other commercial buildings. The market demand is further divided into two categories. There is a demand of electric fittings accessories arising out of the construction of new residential and commercial buildings that requires complete range of electric accessories. Second, is the replacement/maintenance market that requires continuous up keep of their electric fittings. This second segment of the market is much larger than the first market and offers an attractive opportunity. The estimated total annual demand of Bakelite electrical fittings in the country is approximately 15 million units per annum1. Currently, the marketing and manufacturing of electric fittings is concentrated mainly in the unorganized sector with only few of big recognized names. The manufacturing is primarily concentrated in three cities namely Sargodha, Lahore and Karachi.

2 - UPS and Stabilizer Assembling Unit 

Region: Sindh
Investment Size: PKR Between 1-2 Million

The goal for companies today is to attain and sustain business continuity. Devices like UPS & stabilizer provide the required backup and control power [voltage] fluctuation, respectively. The escalating demand of alternate power devices induce people to think of this successful business venture. Un-interrupted power supply (UPS) & Stabilizer production is a capital intensive business and requires huge investment depending upon the technology and methodology employed for the processing of these power machines. However, UPS & Stabilizer assembling unit generally requires comparatively less investment and can be considered by the Small and Medium scale investors. The proposed project envisages setting up of a UPS & Stabilizer assembling unit and their distribution to the target market. UPS & Stabilizer assembling unit business means setting up a workshop where assembling takes place and an office area for carrying out general administrative and marketing work. The business facility will maintain inventory consisting of accessories like transformers, transfer switches, printed circuit board and housing used to assemble UPS & Stabilizer to meet the market requirement and orders effectively. The company will divide the store into two parts: one side will be used to store accessories and the other finished products respectively.


For the complete detailed pre-feasibility reports, you will first have to register with SMEDA and then you can download it FREE.

For registration, you may click the link:  SMEDA Registration

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