Brands in Mall of Lahore

Some of the leading brands in Mall of Lahore are following:

1 - Accessorize Lahore

Monsoon Accessorize Lahore is one of UK's famous High Street Fashion Brands. Monsoon was founded by Peter Simon in 1973, taking his inspiration from Rajasthani intricate embroidered motifs and designs; Accessorize was then launched in 1984. Now, 25 years down the road Accessorize stores have won INSTYLE SHOPPING AWARDS for the category of BEST HIGH STREET ACCESSORIES. 

With more than 700 branches globally it has attained a significant position among global retailers. Accessorize is not just a fashion brand, its a trend. With its own in-house design team it holds a unique position on the high street with its inspirational, globally sourced and competitively priced fashion accessories. Seasonal themes run through the brand, always presenting an individual take on the latest trends. 

The product range consists of various fashion accessories for women and young girls and consists of Bags, Purses, Jewelry, Hair accessories, Lingerie, Belts, Shoes and more!

Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).


2 - Babyshop Lahore

Babyshop Lahore,  an upscale superstore for babies and children, features the largest selection of quality items for the discerning parent. As the leading regional retailer of children’s products, Babyshop offers an elaborate collection of baby basics, nursery furniture, toys and gifts, fashion clothing, accessories for new moms, strollers, baby-proofing items and much more. Babyshop sources its products from the top manufacturing units from all over the world, making sure to uphold the quality, value and exceed expectations.

Babyshop is part of the Landmark Group and is one of the largest retail chains in the GCC. It was established in 1973 in Bahrain and has over 100 stores in 10 countries including Bahrain, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Qatar and UAE.

Store Location: Upper Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower)


3  -Cambridge Lahore

Cambridge Lahore is a men’s apparel brand that excels in men’s corporate and casual wear, from garments to accessories. With a diverse product range, professionals, who are young and upcoming, to those who are older and established, can easily work and play in Cambridge wear. Cambridge garments are superior in quality, sophisticated in style and match international standards. Cambridge values its customer’s loyalty, and admires their drive for success. In a similar fashion, Cambridge also strives for perfection to create a product that is well-deserving of its owner.
Cambridge follows a seasonal product calendar inclusive of several festivities such as Eid and Ramadan. A new theme is developed for each season which enables the customers to enjoy fresh designs and styles throughout the year.

The Cambridge Story

1958 – 1971

In 1958 Mr. M.H Ismail laid the foundation of this company with a small stitching set up, sited in Jodia Bazaar, Karachi. This was a partnership based company which produced office wear shirts under the brand name of “Century”. Over the years “Century” established its brand identity and by 1970, it was a well recognized brand in both East and West Pakistan.

1971 – 2002

In the year 1971, Mr. Anis Ismail Naviwala, son of one partner Mr. M.H Ismail, re-launched the brand under the name of “CAMBRIDGE”. Cambridge brought a fresh perspective to the shirt which had suffered due to faulty collar making and poor tailoring in a traditional “make to order” environment. Cambridge developed expertise in crafting the right collar, which only a garment factory could manage and demonstrated careful fabric selection with fine finishing, producing quality corporate wear that matched the imported shirt experience.

This allowed Cambridge to capture market share and build name recognition that became synonymous with happy and satisfied customers. Cambridge has continued to grow its portfolio which now contains a diverse range of garments and accessories.


4 - Charcoal Lahore

Charcoal Lahore is a fast growing company being engaged in the business of manufacturing, import and supply/sale of all types of clothing. All the products and services are designated and protected by trademark (Charcoal). The "Charcoal” is well known brand with a large customer base. Currently we have more than two dozen franchise/stockists in all over the Punjab at famous locations like Pace, Cantonment areas. We are operating in all the major cities of Punjab including Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Sialkot, Gujranwala, and Islamabad. We have planned to expand our business in all over the Pakistan. The growth of company enables its employee to grow.

Store Location: Upper Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).


5 - Chinyre Lahore

Pakistani brand Bareeze never fails to attract millions. Chinyere Couture 2009 presents an extraordinary ambiance of warmth, luxury and colorful traditions of the Pakistani soil. This Pakistani ethnic multi-hued collection is boasting about the vibrant culture and values of the soil.

The Chinyere Couture collection 2009 is a pure motif of the traditional heritage of Pakistani fashion, woven in conventional styling and embroidery and handcrafted with gota kinari, beadwork, dabqa, naqshi and silk in abundance.

Impressively designed to cater to your needs, Pakistani brand Bareeze never fails to fulfill its promise of gratifying your desires to the fullest. Chinyere is a brand synonymous with sophistication and style. It is for the woman of today, who prefers to make a statement whenever she steps out.

Each enchanting outfit was a mix of our glorious past, our traditional social extravagance of our profound heritage. The exquisite blend of colors and classic motifs, hand crafted with exotic beads, sequins, dabqa, naqshi and silk replicated our traditional heritage. With a dress for every occasion, the apparel was fashioned in original tissue organza, chiffon, silk and cotton net designed in step with the global fashions.

The Chinyere success story began in 1999 that has now evolved into the country’s most popular and accessible fashion brand with 59 outlet nationwide, four in the UK, six in UAE, one in India, one in Malaysia and two in the USA. Chinyere creates an exclusive wardrobe for trend setters who appreciate excellence.

Store Location: Upper Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).


6 - CrossRoads Lahore

CrossRoads Liberashion Lahore is the ultimate hip and modish CrossRoads Fall/Winter Collection 2009 strictly for those live a high-spirited, effervescent and who believe in spending their lives in style. The new Fall/Winter 2009 collection infact draws its inspiration from 1920’s – the era of immense liberation owing to the high-spirited, permissive and thriving pop culture.

Vibrant colors and pulsating designs appeal the tastes of today’s youth, who seek to look trendy and chic. So enjoy the freedom with style and passion with CrossRoads fall/winter 2009 – the “Liberashion” Collection.

Store Locator: Upper Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).


7 - Ego Lahore

Ego Lahore is a brand identified by its progressive, cutting edge borderline funk that has been inspired by the growing need for an urban people trend movement. We design with an edgy creativity while focusing on modern lines and sleek fits. Mission of our organization is whether inspired by punk rock, go-getting glam, funk or urban street culture, Ego aims to empower the people with a fashion statement to emancipate and liberate. Dressing up the cool and toning down the convention, Ego enhances a trend culture honed in on what the rebels of today crave, street smart threads on a whole new scale of attitude re-born.

Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower)

8 - Exist Lahore

The Buksh group is one of the leading business groups in leading Pakistan’s retail market and has distinguished history, various successful business ventures and exclusive links with numerous international names. Established in 1948 by its initial chairman Saeed Ahmed Buksh, the group has continued to develop under the directives of his sons, Asim (CEO), Saqib (Director), and Usman (Director) and has spread across four cities with 13 retail outlets.

Finding a potential and promising market for menswear, the youngest brother, Usman Buksh, decided to launch an in-house project by the name of EXIST. The product lines of this label are aimed at young professionals who appreciate smart dressing and international fashion trends. It stands apart from the men’s store project because it caters to an audience which is looking for affordability. While prices are significantly low and within reach for many, specific care is kept in providing the latest cuts and designs, a range of fine fabrics, flawless stitching and superior finishing, So that the quality is not compromised.

EXIST carries formal and semi-formal wear, a range of accessories, and a couture service with expertise in dressing shirts and suits. The latest inclination towards linen has been a huge success and is the brand’s first step towards a casual look. With over six outlets in Lahore, EXIST has quickly gained recognition and become a brand of choice for many professionals.

Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).


9 - Ferozsons Lahore

The saga of Ferozsons Lahore spanning a period of one hundred and eleven years and extending over five generations is a story of dedicated and fruitful effort in the realms of publishing, printing and book-selling.

Following the guidelines set by its illustrious founder Al-Haj Maulvi Feroz-ud-Din, the Company has blazed new trails as pioneers in the respective fields, setting new standards and scaling new heights.

From a very modest and humbly start in 1894 the Company has steadily advanced from heritage to destiny, and has come to acquire the stature of a national institution dedicated to the advancement of education, and the enrichment of culture, through the its publishing activities.

Presently, the Company’s operations include publishing, printing, retailing and a large distribution network. Due to the Company’s forward and backward integration and its diversity of operations it has become a premier publishing house and enjoys the status of industry leader in terms of sales, distribution and market share.

Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).


10 - Heritage Lahore

Heritage Jewellery Lahore has been run by a family of jewellers for the last 45 years and today the latest generation of family members continue to run the business. They specialize in all eras of Antique Jewellery, Georgian Jewellery, Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, and much much more and pride ourselves in having one of the most comprehensive collections in the world. Having been in the business for such a long time they are proud of their reputation and work hard throughout the UK and Europe sourcing new items which is both exciting and challenging. They also have a network of trusted contacts who provide them with wonderful and interesting items.

The Category of jewellery includes:

  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Pendants
  • Lockets
  • Brooches
  • Cameos
  • Jet
  • Mourning
  • Cufflinks
  • Serpents
  • Skulls
  • Suites/Sets
  • Watches

And much more…

Service Offered

Should your purchase fail to meet your expectations, you may of course return it for a full refund within seven days of its delivery to you.

The basic services include:

  • Repairs
  • Appraisals
  • Custom Design
  • Fashion Consultant

Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower)


11 - Ismail Farid Lahore

Ismail Farid Lahore creates a fusion of contemporary and chic bringing a fresh and innovative outlook to menswear in Pakistan, catering to a wide audience encompassing all age groups. The label aims to provide contemporary stance for both the western and eastern wear in Pakistan.

With the advent of new millennium, there was an ever growing frustration in Pakistan due to the lack of good western wear. This led to the initializing of IN five years ago when ismail farid, a business student decided to experiment with designing clothes of him self. Alongside, ismail gained experience in couture by working with some of the top reputable designers in New York and created entire clothing lines for their seasonal collections. With the blend of creativity and experience, his designs gained high appreciation with peers which led him to start his own label from home in Pakistan. As the business grew ismail did test marketing by opening an outlet at Zamzama for a month. The outlet got an overwhelming response which led him to transition from catering to friends and family to the mass public.   

From shirts to suits; casual to formal, the outfits take you from work to play and everywhere in between. Ismail’s designs capture a fusion of trendy and funky by experimenting with different media and making bold statements which represents today’s generation. The label caters to different spectrums which also encompass everyday office shirts and formal wear to accessories which complete an outfit, ranging from sunglasses, jewelry, belts and sandals. The clothes represent a lifestyle which echoes style and comfort rolled into one and client’s experience is enhanced through customization. The garments are made with extra consideration given to the climate which echo not only style but comfort by using 100% cotton.

Today, after almost half a decade later ismail has worked on videos and commercials with some of the most reputable directors including Asim Raza. His label has provided wardrobes for campaigns run by top Pakistani brands such as mobilink and from this point on this young designer shows no signs of slowing down. Experience ismail farid’s designs which are revolutionary change for the current generation and the modern silhouettes create a statement on its own.

Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).


12 - Junaid Jamshed Lahore

In a short time span of 3 years, Junaid Jamshed Lahore has built credibility in the market as a designer wear outlet for men and women with a unique range of products. J. helps people build an elegant image that is in sync with their cultural and social values.

Headquarters: Karachi 
Founded: 2002 
Flagship Store: Kurta Gali, Karachi 
Approximately 34 outlets in 15 cities of Pakistan

The range of its exclusive products include formal kurtas, shalwar kameez, kurtis, hand woven kurtas and chappals for men and the entire wedding package for the groom including the traditional sherwanis, turbans and khussas made in exquisite cuts and highlighting the fine art of eastern embroidery.

J.J offers an exclusive line for women as well. Naerang or the ‘colors for women’ is an impressive range of vibrant hand woven, block printed, screen printed and Lawn fabric printed in vivacious colors, as well as trendy kurtis and traditional abayas.

J.J has also been the first to launch a designer brand of perfumes for both men and women. The collection of mesmerizing fragrances consists of both attars and perfumes some of which go back over a century in their formulation technique.

Store Locator: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).


13 - Kayseria Lahore

Kayseria Lahore by Bareeze - is the brand for the lawn prints by the well-known embroidered fabric producers. There has been a demand by our various website visitors to add this brand to our lawn collection pages. So here we are with some of the pictures from the public domain that we could put together for all the admirers of the brand.

Made from lovely soft cotton and voile, Bareeze truly brings magic in print with their very popular range.

The brand is well known for their embroidered collection as well as their home textile i.e. bed sheets and duvet sets made from luxurious cotton and with chiken (schiffli) embroidery with laces and trims.

The brand has been operating from various locations at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and several franchised outlets all over the country. They have outlets in Dubai and in Delhi, India as well.

They have a number of ranges to cater for kids, men and women, formal and casual. All their products are exquisitely beautiful and are very much in demand by people from all walks of life.

Store Locator: Upper Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).


14 - Khaadi Lahore

Hand-woven fabric has long been an intrinsic part of the rich tapestry of life in the East. However, with changing times, the art of weaving, like many others, was slowly dying. When Khaadi Lahore opened its doors in 1998, it was with the aim to revive this tradition by giving it a solid new market. The dazzling spread of colors, textures and styles in the purest cottons and silks immediately claimed a niche in the hearts of a clientele that still favors Khaadi today – leading to a phenomenal expansion in the range of products and number of outlets spread across 3 cities in Pakistan.

Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).


15 - Leisure club Lahore

Leisure club Lahore is a subsidiary of a very vast & well known retail group “Sefam (Pvt.) Ltd. Sefam launched leisure club in 1997 as an answer of fashion appetite of young generation. In out-set it got an unbelievable response from target audience which led leisure club to spread its wings faster than anything & now after just 12 years, Leisure club is having 50 outlets nationwide and more than 17 outlets in Lahore & enjoying enormous good repute & market share.

Leisure Club Boutique

Leisure club boutique is a deluxe brand of leisure club, presents the classically elegant range of formal/casual party wear in embroidered & non-embroidered kurtas, short kurtas, shalwar, capries etc. to make you occasionally more graceful.

16 - ClubX

ClubX is a voguish brand of Leisure club, focusing the young adults (males & females); it constitutes a very wide range of trendy, casual outfits like T-shirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, jeans, jackets, sweaters, uppers, hooders, night suits etc & for the value addition of this already fantabulous range, ClubX proffers some great quality accessories like socks, belts, mufflers, scarves, jewelry & many other add-ons to bring out the best in you.

17 - Levis Lahore

Created in 1873, Levi's® jeans are the original, authentic jeans. They are the most successful, widely recognized and often imitated clothing products in the history of apparel. Over successive generations, Levi's® jeans have captured the attention, imagination and loyalty of diverse individuals.

As the inventor of the category, the Levi's® brand continues to define jeans wear with the widest range of products available, from quit essential classics such as the famous Levi's® 501® Original jean, to favorite fits and styles in the Red Tab™ and premium collections.

Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower)


18 - Next Lahore

Next plc designs, manufactures, and distributes clothing and home furnishing and accessory items to nearly 330 Next retail stores and through the company's Next Directory mail order sales catalog. Almost all of Next company-owned stores are located in England and Ireland. After ending a brief international expansion--in 1999 the company closed its seven company-owned foreign stores, including its five U.S. retail stores--Next has shifted its international strategy to brand expansion focused on franchising. Next operates franchises in some 20 international markets, especially in the Middle Eastern and Far East Asian markets. The difficult economic climate in the Asian markets in the late 1990s has curtailed the Next franchise expansion, however; after building to 43 franchised locations by 1998, the company entered 1999 with just 35 franchise stores.

At home, Next operations are divided into two complementary activities: retail stores and catalog sales. At the beginning of 1999, the company operated nearly 330 Next retail stores throughout England and Ireland, with total retail sales space of some 1.35 million square feet. Average store size is 3,500 square feet. Next, however, has been phasing out or extending its smaller stores--some of which are as small as 500 square feet--in favor of a larger multidepartment store concept with an average selling space of 14,000 square feet. Next retail operations provided more than £821 million of the company's total sales in 1998, while representing more than two-thirds of operating profits.

Once a separate division of the company with its own product offering, the Next Directory catalog sales operations have been dovetailed with those of its retail stores activities so that, in the late 1990s, the two divisions offer the same product lines under the company's "One Brand--Two Methods of Shopping" strategy. Next Directory offers a shop-at-home concept with fast delivery turnaround times of as little as one-day delivery. The hardbound catalog, which in ten years of existence has become something of a British shopping mainstay, is delivered to nearly 900,000 active customers, providing nearly £270 million of the company's 1998 total sales.

Next pursues a strategy of selling almost exclusively company-designed clothing, accessories, and other merchandise under the Next and other brand names. In this way, the Next product offerings of women’s wear, menswear, children’s wear, and home furnishings are available only through the Next retail and catalog channels. Targeted at an age range between 20 and 46, with a focus on the 25-35 age groups, the Next product range features high-quality, contemporary but not trendy styling, priced at levels affordable to the company's targeted middle-class market. The company employs its own design staff to keep an eye on seasonal trends and to create each year's clothing offerings accordingly.


19 - Nike Lahore

The Nike athletic machine began as a small distributing outfit located in the trunk of Phil Knight's car. From these rather inauspicious beginnings, Knight's brainchild grew to become the shoe and athletic company that would come to define many aspects of popular culture and myriad varieties of 'cool.'

Nike emanated from two sources: Bill Bowerman's quest for lighter, more durable racing shoes for his Oregon runners, and Knight's search for a way to make a living without having to give up his love of athletics. Bowerman coached track at the University of Oregon where Phil Knight ran in 1959. Bowerman's desire for better quality running shoes clearly influenced Knight in his search for a marketing strategy. Between them, the seed of the most influential sporting company grew.

Few can question Nike's financial hegemony. But nearly $7 billion in revenues clearly begs the question, What sells these shoes? It is my assertion that Nike's power to sell comes from deep-rooted yearnings for cultural inclusiveness and individual athletic accomplishment. These seemingly paradoxical desires collide in consumers hearts and minds and produce the unyielding zeal for Nike shoes and apparel. Unfortunate effects of this zeal can be found in the rash of Nike apparel killings in 1991 and the profusion of Nike collectors and webpages designed around the company's products. Nike appeals to these disparate elements of Americans' personalities through an advertising philosophy that is, at once, simple and sublime. In addition, Nike's practice of top-level athletes promoting their products appeal to countless ages and creeds as a way to identify with and emulate their athletic heroes. These forces work powerfully upon the individual consumer, but one should not lose sight of the cultural context in which the individual moves.


Nike is the world’s most known and trusted sports and fitness company. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike has expanded to virtually every continent on the globe.

For the past 30 years, Nike has revolutionized the science and technology of athletic footwear, apparel and equipment. Footwear technologies like Air, Shox and Lunar have been engineered to provide athletes with maximum cushioning, flexibility, and durability. Nike apparel is made with special fabrics that offer protection from outside elements. These apparel aid the body in its natural cooling process in warmer weather, and guard against heat loss in colder weather. Nike also offers an impressive collection of equipment and backpacks. There is virtually no sport that Nike has not catered to and acquired a following of athletes – both professional and amateur. 

In order to cater to the requirements of the entire family, Nike the World's No 1 Sport Brand is proud to announce the opening of it’s state of the art store at the Ground floor Mall of Lahore, where new arrivals are already on display.


20 - Minnie Minors Lahore

Minnie Minors was established in 1999 with a colorful range of fashionable classics for newborns through to pre-school. Today there are more than 50 stores in strategic locations nationwide. We manufacture high quality garments designed with the choicest of fabrics and high quality materials / embellishments with an innovative range of soft toys, furniture, jewelry, fashion and home accessories, and shoes for children. 

Every garment at Minnie Minors contributes to the mainstream fashion scene. Our styles identify with the contemporary tastes, colors offering a wide range of stylized formal as well as casual outfits along with accessories.

MINNIE MINORS offer such beautiful and colorful designs and styles that you defiantly want to purchase them. Minnie Minors offers clothing to: 

  •  Infants
  • Boys
  • Girls

Furthermore, Minnie Minors offers cribs, carry cots, baby nests etc. in their “Nursery” section, moreover, different bags, caps and other fun stuff under the section Accessories. You will never get tired by going through the collection.

Store Locator: Upper Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower)


21 - Outfitters Lahore

Outfitters Lahore is a retail apparel chain operating stores almost in all Cities of Pakistan & it offers its products through stores. A top manufactured of brand name clothing nationwide. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Pakistan. It makes & markets such products as Shirts, Tops, Knitwear, Jeans, Trousers, Jackets & other related accessories.

The brand mission is “to be your second skin giving you the confident & sensual look”. Outfitters wants to inspire and empower its customers, by providing the most innovative and exciting tops, bottoms and accessories.

The brand’s principal philosophy is to offer great product of exceptional quality and innovative designs at an affordable price for guys and girls. We want outfitters to be perceived as “Urban Fashion Brand” with complete product range in all categories. We target guys and girls who are young, dynamic, design style conscious. 

Store Locator: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).


22 - Saeed Ghani Lahore

Saeed Ghani Lahore has been in Indian sub continent since 1888, serving with pure and finest products of natural perfumes (Attar) and PURE HAIR OILS, during the course of time since hundred years Saeed Ghani start developing quite considerable range of herbal products with natural ingredients in category of SKIN CARE, HAIR CARE, TONICS and TREATMENTS.

Their Products are:

Face Washs

  • Rose Face Wash
  • Sandal Face Wash
  • Lemon Face Wash
  • Aloe Vera Face Wash
  • Cucumber Face Wash

Ubtan Products

  • Ubtan Face Wash
  • Whitening Ubtan
  • Ubtan Massage Paste
  • Zafrani Ubtan
  • Khas Sandal Ubtan

Facial Tonics

  • Rose Water
  • Sandal Water
  • Skin Polish

Hair Shampoos

  • Almond Herbal Shampoo
  • Amla Herbal Shampoo
  • Shikakai Herbal Shampoo
  • Mustard Herbal Shampoo

Eye Treatment

  • Under Eye Balm

Massage Pastes

  • Multani Mud Massage Paste
  • Almond Massage Paste
  • Cucumber Massage Paste
  • Orange Massage Paste

Peel off Mask

  • Lemon Peel of Mask
  • Cucumber Peel of Mask
  • Sandal Peel of Mask
  • Zafran Peel of Mask

Skin Serums

  • Aloevera Serum
  • Cucumber Serum
  • Lemon Grass Serum
  • Sandal Whitening Serum

Pure Oils

  • Mughziat Oil
  • Shikakai
  • Amla Oil
  • Mustard Oil
  • Sesame Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Jasmine Oil
  • Kalonji Oil
  • Coriander Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Serums
  • Cleansing Gels
  • Daily Cure Cream
  • Herbal Hair Conditioner

Shop Location: Lower Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower

23 - StoneAge Lahore

Stoneage Lahore is a part of Crescent Bahuman Ltd, one of the country's leading denim exporters boasting a clientele as versatile as Levi's®, Mustang, Bensherman and Xpress Ltd. In less than two years (the first branch opened its doors in March, 2006), Stoneage has become the leader in how denim trends are dictated in Lahore and Karachi (where we have four outlets) and we are further venturing into Islamabad, Multan, Sialkot and Faislabad. Stoneage is a one-of-its-kind brand as it has recruited the very best denim design talent in the country to lead the way in creating for the discerning masses, thus ensuring quality, exclusivity and accredited style.

Stoneage is a brand identified by its progressive, cutting edge borderline funk that has been inspired by the growing need for an urban youth trend movement. We design with an edgy creativity while focusing on modern lines and sleek fits. Each and every item out of our denim/casual-wear collection has been designed and tailored with the confident sassy young men and women of today in mind, bringing out their inner freedom.

Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower).

24 - Tag Heuer Lahore

TAG Heuer Lahore the leader in prestigious sports watches and chronographs since 1860, is one of the largest and fastest growing luxury Swiss watch brands. The Swiss watch making legend draws upon its active engagement in the world of sports to create the most accurate measuring instruments and sports watches in the world.

TAG Heuer is the first watch maker ever to master luxurious chronographs with an unsurpassed precision of 1/10th, 1/100th and 1/1,000th of a second.  From the Olympic Games in the 1920s to its role as official timekeeper to within 1/10,000th of a second for the legendary Indy 500, TAG Heuer, in a constant quest for innovation, excellence, performance and prestige, continues to aim ever higher, as reflected by its 6-year partnership with 2008 Formula 1 World Champion, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton and its 25-year partnership with team McLaren and its drivers Lewis and his teammate Heikki Kovalainen. TAG Heuer, more than ever, epitomizes prestige and performance through partnerships with 2007 F1 World Champion & Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver Kimi Räikkönen, world number 1 golfer Tiger Woods and WTA tennis star Maria Sharapova, as well as Hollywood icons Leonardo DiCaprio  and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

TAG Heuer is a privileged member of the Foundation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH), the most exclusive club in the Swiss watch making industry.

Key Products:

 Carrera Automatic Chronograph Day-Date - CV2A10.BA0796

  • Movement - TAG Heuer Calibre 16 - Automatic Chronograph
  • Day-Date Glace - Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal

Aquaracer Steel & Gold Quartz Watch - WAF1120.BB0807

  • Sporty dial, luminescent hour markers. Date at 3 o’clock. Coloured TAG Heuer logo. Marking - AQUARACER 300 meters.
  • Diamond-polished hands with polished facets and coated in a luminescent material for optimum readability and radiance.
  • Case stamped in a solid block of stainless steel with a diameter of 38.4 mm.
    Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady Steel & Ceramic & Diamonds Watch - WAH1212.BA0861

  • Movement: ETA F05.111
  • Dial: White or black dial
  • Hand-applied indexes and arabic figure at 12 o’clock
  • Luminescent markers on faceted minute and hour hands and above indexes

Aquaracer Diamonds Quartz Watch - WAF1416.BA0813

  • Elegant dial, luminescent or diamond hour markers. Date at 3 o’clock. Monochrome TAG Heuer logo. Marking - AQUARACER 300 meters.
  • Diamond-polished hands with polished facets and coated in a luminescent material for optimum readability and radiance.
  • Case stamped in a solid block of stainless steel with a diameter of 27 mm.
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper Chronograph - CAV5115.BA0902

  • TAG Heuer Calibre 36 RS - COSC – Automatic – Chronograph – 2 Rotating Systems indicating the chronograph minutes at  3 o’clock and chronograph hours at 6 o’clock – Linear permanent second at 9 o’clock – Date.
  • 2 Rotating Systems decorated  with “Côtes de Genève” and polished facets
  • Hand-applied TAG Heuer logo

25 - The Craft Company Lahore

The Craft Company was founded in 1997. It started as a small design house with the idea of creating art for everyday life. We believe every product we create should evoke an emotion, so that functional objects in our life mean something. Our products range from home accessories, to furniture, flooring and fashion.

Every product produced at The Craft Company is crafted by hand. We have accumulated the finest craftsmen, trained them and brought them together under one roof so that our products are a blend of different crafts and design. Our unique use of mosaic, our own blends of paint and polish and our own textile weaves set us apart.

Moreover, The Craft Company has always believed in reviving ancient crafts and traditions bringing more and more people in touch with the richness of our heritage. The Craft Company stores are located in Karachi at The Park Towers Shopping Mall at Zamzama Lane 6. In Lahore you can find us at The Mall of Lahore in Cantt and at H Karim Buksh store at Y Block Defense.

The Craft Company products are available in Spain, France, Canada and Japan and plans are on the way to open in Islamabad and Dubai.

Store Location: Ground Floor, Mall of Lahore (Park Lane Tower)

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