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Writing a good review of anything requires effort. Book reviews are no different. Book reviews were the first good thing which happened with the arrival of internet in early 1990s and with the launch of In the past years, I could never get any feedback about the book when I used to buy it from brick and mortar bookstores.

Amazon changed everything. The book buying experience was so wonderful that it just clicked and kept clicking to date with millions of dollars of revenue for the company.

Now perhaps the best book reviewers are those customers themselves, who bought it, read it and then provided their feedback for others.

But personally, I think still there does exist some thin line between the professional reviewer and ordinary customers. Secondly, not all customers (if book sold in thousands) care to write about it. So the small sample of feedback sometimes can be misleading as well.

So here comes the professional art of writing good book reviews. Good book reviewers are mostly very well read and good writers themselves. They can easily see things (technical) what others may not see it in a book.

Good book reviews talk about many aspects; the quality of the language used, the story development, the depth of the characterizations, the start, middle and the ending part. All that would count in a good book review. The world is full of millions of books. With internet now many more millions have been added in the form of eBooks too. Well, nobody reads them all, but only those which has some interest for someone. Authors who write books, in fact, have worked hard for a long time in research and writing. Sometimes , it is in many years of hard work behind the final output. But those books which are really good and have mass appeal are sold in millions of copies worldwide.

Self publishing technology is also now available for all. But there should be some powerful idea and concept to bring it to the masses in order to make it bestseller.

Book reviews play an important part in forming the perceptions.

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Do What You Are -Book Review

This book actually talks about discovering your true personality according to 16 personality types. You may be one of those 16 personality types. This will start providing the missing answers, why you think the way you think, why you act the way you do, and why you have special aspirations, longings for certain things perhaps not achieved.

This book will try to unfold you to your surprise in such a detail you will feel bewildered at times that how come someone knows you so well, not even you’re closest of the persons near you.


Alchemist - Book Review

The book is old fashioned story telling with lots of in-built wisdom. ‘You have to listen to your heart and work hard to get what you really want in life. Otherwise you will end up having that incomplete feeling all of your life’

Paulo has good grasp on the middle eastern culture and the Muslim world. He is able to depict well the Arabian desert, its customs & the mindset of people. The story is narrated in third person point of view.


Book Review – ‘What You Are Really Meant To Do'

The book What You Are Meant To Do is simply great because it is simple to read & absorb without any complex models.

Simply written in one easy flow without any complex models

The book is conceptually divided into three parts. 

The first part of the book is about ‘Know Thyself First’. It provides the tools & tips to understand your own strengths & talents better by analyzing your own life and aspirations. Robert Kaplan doesn’t go into any complex psychological models. The book suggests writing your own life story and doing personal introspection where you can find all the answers.


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