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Bollywood movies are very popular especially in the Indian sub continent which target primarily audiences in India & Pakistan. The Bollywood movies now are also released internationally - which can be watched in Middle East, Europe, America as well as far east. The expatriates from India & Pakistan are scattered all over the world from east to west. They find it a very good piece of entertainment abroad.

Bollywod movies have been popular from the very old times, when it was a black & white film making in early 1900s.

Filmmaking in India has improved with leaps & bounds in the recent 20 years. They have been very swift in employing the best film-making technology. Many times, Bollywood movies have been considered at par with Hollywood movies.

New actors in the Bollywood have given a new urban style. The directors and technicians are very well educated in the filming business. The big banner movies in India now easily have 50 crore budget and they make 3 times of their budget in revenues.

The film industry in India is now formally recognized as an industry with Govt. support as well as funding support from banking sector. Because of the reason that largely it is a profitable industry, earning lots of revenues in local & foreign currency.

There have been many great Bollywood Movie legends like Amitabh Bachan, Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna,… and now Amir Khan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and of course many more. Similarly, the actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla, Priety Zinta, Ashwariya Rai and now, Kareena Kapoor, Deepika, Anuska and Katrina have made big names in the Bollywood film industry.

There exists lots of talent in the media field in India. Of course these rare some of the names who have also contributed in many projects internationally as well.

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We will keep on adding more movie trailers from time to time. Please check the list below:

1-Yeh Jawani Hey Deewani

The movie released on the last day of May, 2013. It is a great entertainment. Although quite simple story, but made very well by Karan Johar by highlighting the emotional side of the subtle feelings...

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2-Asiqui 2

This movie is an attempt to remake the old super hit Ashiqui with slight changes at various places. The movie does not have big cast like the earlier one. But the caste has done well in Ashiqui 2 as well. It is a worth watching movie.

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3-Race 2

The movie is very fast paced and gripping with full of action and thrill. Very interesting sound track and songs. Very good watch..

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4-Jab Tak Hai Jaan

The last Yah Raj movie. Very romantic with good sound track. The story also has some twists and depth... A good watch

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5-Student of the Year

The teenager treat and very well made by Karan Johar with new caste... Worthy watching.

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The Kareena oriented since she is the Heroine of the movie as well. Nice portrayal of film reality world into a film

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The art at its best. The movie proves that filmmaking more art than science. Very beautifully made movie with excellent sound track.

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The high end urban movie with quite free style morals. The songs and sound track is excellent. The movie rest on the 'fun' theme in life...

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The intense movie with full action and thrill. Hrithik Roshan as always showing the versatility of his talent.

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10-Rock Star

The making of a Rock Star portrayed in a very touching and moving way. The class of sound track is excellent by A. R Rahman.

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