Cafe Aylanto Lahore

Café Aylanto Lahore is located on the MM Alam Road towards the far end nearer to the Mini market and Pizza Hut. Normally, it is not very visible from the front. It has its own parking facility which is limited, but also offers the valet service.

The first thing what hits you in any uptown restaurant is its inner décor, and the feel factor. The second thing is the food and its taste.

Café Aylanto is a restaurant which offers both. And it is proud addition in Lahore food scene and has now hundreds of raving fans for the last many years.

The café is large from inside.  It offers indoor and outdoor seating facility. Café Aylanto offers mostly continental & western style food menu with pastas, spaghettis, sandwiches, various appetizers., juices and beverages.

The restaurant is on the expensive side. It may easily cost you Rs: 2000/- per person.  But for those who can afford it, the restaurant offers a good experience, with high class customer service, background music and comfortable seating sofas.

The restaurant is very famous among the business executives, foreigners as well as the rich & famous.

Lahore offers lots of variety in food from ‘Desi’ to western and continental.

Near Café Aylanto you can find many other high end brands and even other food joints. The MM Alam Road has become famous for such outing including food and shopping.

There was a time when there used to be old big bungalows (houses) on MM Alam Road, Gulberg. It was not commercial road. Over the time, it has now fully converted into a commercial road. The road has also been recently repaired with two way lanes. New shopping outlets have been opened. It has become an iconic addition in Lahore.

For those who don’t know why it is called MM Alam Road. For information, MM Alam is our national hero, who was in Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and was a Squadron Leader in 1965 war. He  killed 5 Indian fighter jets in 60 seconds creating a world record in the Guinness book of record. The road was named in his honour.

You may contact the Café Aylanto Lahore at: 92-42-35751886

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