Andaz Hotel Lahore

Andaz hotel Lahore basically is primarily a restaurant located just before we enter the main Food Street gate. So it is falling little bit out of food street officially but very much part of that area.

The layout of the restaurant is on the roof top. You have to climb about 5 levels to reach the roof top. The view is largely of Badshahi Mosque and you can also see the main food street entrance part and some Lahore downtown streets. Andaaz restaurant has its own small parking lot. Although it’s not an earmarked parking but incidentally one small compound happens to be there, which serves as a good place to park your cars.

The entrance of Andaaz restaurant offers many interesting things to see. They have collected some good antiques like old gramophone, old music records, old type writer and old black telephone and some old film posters. You can spend good 5-10 minutes of your time to browse those things and getting warmed up to get into some slow pace old fashioned Lahore living.

Commenting about the quality of food, I would say the food is really good but little expensive. It is like equivalent of paying in a 5 star hotel. Approximately ranging from Rs; 1000-1500 per head should be kept in mind to visit Andaz Hotel Lahore. The service was good when we tried the restaurant.

The legendary restaurant from where the concept of food street started - the ‘ Cuckoos Den’ still stands tall very much within the Food Street Lahore which is nearby Andaaz restaurant and has its own loyal clientèle. But it seems that Andaaz restaurant has overtaken Cuckoos as well as other restaurants in Food Street pretty fast. You can see lots of foreigners visiting Andaaz restaurant. Even they have also employed one foreigner girl at the reception to attend the diversified clientage, which is mostly uptown high end gentry as well as foreigners.

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For making reservations.

Please call 92 322 434 6666 or 92 301 844 5511

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