Alchemist Book Review

According to alchemist book review, it is an old fashioned story telling with lots of in-built wisdom. ‘You have to listen to your heart and work hard to get what you really want in life. Otherwise you will end up having that incomplete feeling all of your life’

Paulo has good grasp on the middle eastern culture and the Muslim world. He is able to depict well the Arabian desert, its customs & the mindset of people. The story is narrated in third person point of view. His main character ‘the boy’ dreams about a treasure somewhere, but not sure whether to pursue or not. So little afraid as well as reluctant he finds himself engulfed in circumstances where he meets with few people who push him to go to find that treasure. So there he goes and then encounters problems, deception and frustrations, but undeterred, he somehow continues on his journey.

After all the hardships, physical, mental & emotional he reaches Pyramids in Egypt where he believes that the reassure is buried only to find in the end that the dream was false. Not only that he is robbed & gets thrashing of lifetime from the local dacoits only to know in exchange that same dream occurred in the dacoit's mind that the treasure is buried in Spain - the boy home town which he left far off to find it in Egypt. What an irony of fate.

And he did go back and found that actual treasure. Only to again believe that the dream was right and perhaps dreams are always right but they have their own way of testing and trying the mettle inside you before you get to the treasure.

According to Alchemist book review, the story is narrated in a very simple plain language just like Animal Farm by George Orwell or Fish tales in modern times.

We get a good piece of advice wrapped in a gripping story which gets to the heart very easily and inspires the mind & soul.

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