Al Riaz Hotel Lahore

Al Riaz Hotel Lahore is located on Allama Iqbal Road Lahore. This Road originally was used to be called Mayo Road. The famous Mayo Gardens which is Railway Officers Housing community is at walking distance. The location of the hotel is very central in Lahore, almost in between Lahore Railway Station and Lahore Airport.

The hotel offers basic standard furnishings and amenities with affordable stay.

The hotel targets the low & medium income travelers, who come from other parts of the country and just want to stay for a day or two.

Rates: (Approximately)

It may range from Rs: 1500 – Rs: 3000/- per night

(Please check with the hotel directly for latest rates updates)


  • Air Conditioned Rooms
  • Breakfast
  • Facsimile (Fax)

Nearby Attractions

Lahore Railway station is about 15-25 minutes drive away. Similarly, the airport is also about 15 – 25 minutes drive away.

Allama Iqbal Road offers very interesting location. Strategically, it is located between the downtown and uptown districts of Lahore. If you travel on the north side, you hit the Lahore canal and the starts entering in the Cantonment area. The first recreational spot in Cantt is the Frotress Stadium Lahore, which offers variety of amusement activities and food outlets.

Further, you can also go to Gulberg and famous MM Alam Road for more variety in branded local & imported merchandize.

If you travel south frot eh hotel you will start entereing the congested areas of Lahore. The GArhi Shau Bazzr and then onwards you wil reach the Lahore Railweay Station. From there onwards, you can go to further inside downtown of Lahore, Anarkali and even the walled city of Lahore and can see the famous places like Lahore Food Street, near the Fort Road. You will find variety of food outlets. There is open to sky seating arrangements as well as inside the restaurants.

Besides you can also visit Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque once you are at Food Street, which are just at walking distance.

Contact Info:

18 Allama Iqbal Road, Lahore
Lahore, Punjab

Tel: 042-36302243


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