Al Najam Hotel Lahore

Al Najam Hotel Lahore is located in old Anarkali, Lahore. It is a budget hotel with modest furnishing and basic standard for lodging & boarding.

If at all one wants to compare the standard, it will not be more than just one star.

The hotel targets the low income travelers, who come from other parts of the country and just want to stay for a day or two.

Rates: (Approximately)

It may range from Rs: 1000 – Rs: 1500/- per night

(Please check with the hotel directly for latest rates updates)


  • Few Air Conditioned Rooms
  • Breakfast- either from hotel Kitchen or from outside
  • Facsimile (Fax)

Nearby Attractions

Lahore Railway station is the nearest landmark about 5-10 minutes drive away

The airport is far off about 60 – 80 minutes drive away.

In case, the travelers want to visit the downtown Lahore. It can also be reached in about 20-30 minutes drive depending upon the traffic clogging. In the downtown Lahore, one of the famous places is the Lahore Food Street, near the Fort Road. You will find variety of food outlets. There is open to sky seating arrangements as well as inside the restaurants.

Besides you can also visit Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque once you are at Food Street, which are just at walking distance.

The uptown Lahore is somewhat farther from this place, but it can be reached in about 50-80 minutes drive. The famous Liberty market & MM Alam Road in Gulberg are about 60 minutes drive.

In these two markets all local & international brands can be found for those who love shopping and have come from other towns of Pakistan.

All local & international brands in clothing & accessories are available in uptown Lahore. All local & international food chains like McDonalds’, KFC, Pizza Hut and many more now scattered all over Lahore.

Contact Info:

3-Lake Road, Old Anarkali
Lahore, 54000

Phone: +92-42-7359088

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