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Air Travel is everyone’s need from the times when Wright Brothers discovered the way to fly for humans. We all love to save money and especially on travelling. It is a basic human instinct. But on the other hand, if we are sponsored by our company on business travel then we love to outstretch and just want everything first class. That is also our basic human instinct. It is difficult to fight with such human instincts. Perhaps the best way is to go with its flow. The outcome of course is that we end up traveling either in affordable way or in a luxurious way.

Travel industry is one the highest revenue generating industry in the world. It is estimated to generate more than a trillion dollars a year. The travel industry also underwent massive process re-engineering. There were times when everyone had to get the air travel tickets directly from the airlines and later it was outsourced also making it possible to get through travel agents. But now it has completely been re-engineered. The middle person is almost eliminated. Now everyone can very easily do it on the internet and taking print outs of your own itineraries.

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Because of its tremendous revenue and profit potential, travel industry was one the earlier entrants on the internet. Many big giants and companies as well as thousands small and medium companies have set up their travel shops on the internet.

Booking travel on the internet has many advantages and very few disadvantages. The nature of travel business is actually very internet friendly. Whenever we want to travel, we can easily get all kinds of details on the internet, which provide us lot of comfort and convenience, unlike going to the travel agent and asking questions to satisfy your doubts. The only challenging side for very few are that they don’t want to pay through credit cards or they don’t have credit cards, especially in the developing countries. But in reality, the web has now matured and billions of online transactions are done successfully on the internet. So, we can very well say that if you know that you are paying through the secure site , you can easily shop and use your credit card (the secure site means, just check that simple ‘http’ in the web address url has converted into ‘https’)

Web is overcrowded with Travel deals. The overload is creating clutter and confusion. We have done our research and have already short listed our travel partner, where you will be able to get the some of the best travel deals or flight tickets.

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