Adele Music Review

Adele Music Review is not much of a review, but some of the true words which basically give what it is - simply pure magic by the performer.

In the entertainment field, every age brings with it new talent. In foreign countries, it is easily tapped and opportunities abound, But in Pakistan, its not that easy and many talented people inclined for arts, music and movies may be doing some other jobs.

Adele, British singer at the age of 24 years have really rocked the world with her most heart touching songs and melodies. She has sung from her heart & soul and most of songs reflect her own true experiences of hurt in love. But her downside of her life found a sweet way of expressing her thoughts & feelings into sweet melodies.

Adel started her music for formal music career by XL Recordings, when her friend posted her demo songs on Myspace in 2006.

If I go by the Adele Music Review, surprising there is not much in quantity. She has produced two albums so far - “19” and “21” But if I talk about the quality - it's just superb.

“19” was her debut album which was a big hit. Even bigger was her second album “21”

Some of my favorite songs in “21” are:

  • Someone like you
  • One & Only
  • Turning Tables
  • Set Rain on Fire

The music accompaniment and arrangement is the minimalist, but brilliant. As it goes the most beautiful things in life are sometime simple. In every music there are main three things – rhythm, melody & lyrics. All three are great in Adele songs. The melodies & lyrics just go straight to your heart and stay there for long.

I would rate Adele 5 on 5.

Adele has created a huge following all over the world. With her immense talent, she is going to sing for the new James Bond movie SkyFall as well.

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